How to know Complete Details of Any Vehicle

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Info Vehicle-Find Address(RTO)

google play store లోకి వెళ్లి Info Vehicle అనే app ని install చేస్కోవడం ద్వార మీరు vehicles అని complete details తెలుసుకోవచ్చును. 
Certain aspects how InfoVehicle can help :
● Hit and run cases.
● Getting address of a person who has met an accident.
● People in the business of resale of vehicles can be sure of the documents and ownership.
● People buying second hand vehicles can know who was the original owner.
● Girls can find details about the eve teasers.
● tax details, insurance detail with RTO
● Second hand vehicle buyers can confirm whether the ownership is transferred to their name.
● The users can see every bit of detail of their own vehicle too.

Video Credits: Mr. Nallamothu Sridhar
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